Pass Each Once
Pass each blue cell and get to the orange goal! AppStore
  • Pass each blue cell and get to the orange goal.

  • Black cells are blocked.

  • Blue cell is changed red and blocked after you pass it.

  • 62 default puzzles and extra ones are bundled.

  • Supports GameCenter ranking.

Default Puzzles

  • Size and number of default puzzles are 5x5--5, 6x6--9, 7x7--18, 8x8--15, 9x9--15.

  • You solve a puzzle, then a button becomes enabled. You can play it again anytime.

Extre Puzzles

  • The first time the app launch, 150 extra puzzles are loaded.

  • Each time you solve a puzzle, the app remove it from stock and make new one in background.

  • 8x8 and 9x9 require much time to be made, so these sometimes get out of stock. In such case, please play smaller puzzles for a while.

Time Attack

  • "Time Attack" mode supports the GameCenter ranking.

  • It uses 7x7 puzzle in extra puzzles stock.
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