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  • Select a title in File menu to operate sound files.
  • "Open sound from app documents"
  • "Record from microphone"
  • "Save"
  • "Send file by Email"
  • At first, swipe on sound graph to make selected area.
  • Then,select a title in Edit1 menu to edit sound.
  • "Clip selected area"
  • "Delete"
  • "Cut"
  • "Copy"
  • "Paste"
  • Edit2 menu is for editing sound too.
  • "Fade out"
  • "Fade in"
  • "Amplifly gain"
  • "Compress gain"
  • "Insert silence area"
  • You can undo editing once.
  • You can redo editing once.
  • Button to zoom selected area.
  • You can undo zooming five times.
  • Button to quit zooming.
  • Button to play sound.

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