A game to guess 4 digits facing off against com. AppStore
  • It is a game to find 4 digits facing off against your iPhone or iPod touch.

  • Guess 4 digits. The game system compares it with opponents' digits. If there are same digits on same place, the system judges "Hit". If there are same digits on different place, system judges "Blow".

  • For example, if you guess 0123 and com's digits are 1420, system gives you "1-Hit and 2-Blow".

  • These Hits and Blows work as clue for next guessing.

  • If you correctly guess the com's digits in smaller times than com, you win the match.

  • COM uses elimination method to find your number. "Candidates" on screen means the numbers of candidates that COM has not eliminated yet.

  • Your wins and draws are converted to points and ranked in the Game Center.
    (1win = 1pt, 1draw = 0.5pt)

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