Japanese RPG with a missing brother story

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A brother of the main character Apolo is missing for three years. People say he has died already. However, Apolo doesn't accept it. One day, Apolo decided to go looking for the brother. What will happen on his way?

Start-up Screen

NewGame Start game from the beginning.
ResumeGame Resume game from the point you quit playing.
OpenGame Resume game from the point you saved a data in the story.
Options You can set the volume of BGM and ON/OFF of sound effect.


Show Commands Menu A button
OK A button
Cancel B button
Cancel Automatic Battle B button
Get out of a ship B button
Get in a ship again B button
Stop playing and go back to the start-up screen Reset button

Commands on Maps

Check Check a point under or in front of the main character.
Magic Use a recovering magic, if the characters have enough MP.
UseTool Use a tool that is usable on maps.
PutOn Select a character and a outfit to put on.
State Show Level, Experience, HP, MP, Magics, Wearing outfits and Items.
Dispose Dispose an item if it's disposable.

Commands in Battle

Attack Select an enemy and attack it.
Magic Use a recovering or an attacking magic, if the characters have enough MP.
UseTool Use a tool that is usable in battle.
Defense Boost defensive power.
RunAway Try running away, it might fail though.
Auto Proceed battle automatically.
If you want to stop the automatic battle, touch the B button.
The AI is not smart and can't use any tools, so you shouldn't select Auto in important battles.

Magics & Required MP

Name Type Target MP
Dong Attack One 3
Dodong Attack All 7
Mega Attack One 13
Megagiga Attack All 50
Megant Attack All 105
Gigant Attack One 350
Treto Restore One 5
Trereto Restore One 20
Treall Restore All 80
Tretorest Restore One 150
Toretoreall Restore All 300

Save & Resume

The game data is saved with saving events in the story. And it is automatically saved when you touch the Reset button or when you quit this application. You can resume it anytime.

Copyright (C) 2009 Satoshi Horiguchi All Rights Reserved.